Your meeting style is Facilitator

You believe that a meeting should be a collaborative effort and that everyone should have a chance to contribute. You're good at keeping the conversation focused, but you're also open to hearing new ideas and going off on tangents if it's productive. You make sure to follow up with attendees after the meeting so that you can address any concerns or questions.

Tips for Meeting Planners with a Facilitator Style

1. Establish ground rules and expectations at the beginning of the meeting to ensure that everyone speaks up and is heard.

2. Act as a moderator to manage conversation flow, keeping discussions on track while also allowing time for deeper exploration of ideas and tangents as needed.

3. Ask open-ended questions to stimulate dialogue and encourage attendees to share their insights.

4. Help the team come to a consensus or compromise by summarizing perspectives, refocusing the conversation on areas of agreement, and highlighting differences in opinions.

5. Monitor energy levels during the meeting and provide breaks as needed to keep everyone engaged and focused.

6. Make sure that all tasks, decisions made, and action items are documented for future reference.

7. Follow up after the meeting to address any concerns or questions that may have arisen during the conversation.

8. Conduct a post-meeting evaluation to document lessons learned and create an action plan for future meetings.

Just remember that, while there are many different styles of meeting planners, the ultimate goal should be to create an environment that allows everyone to contribute their ideas and opinions while still making progress towards a common goal. With the right planning and preparation, you can ensure that your meeting is productive and successful.
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