Your meeting style is Free Spirit

You believe that a meeting should be fluid and that people should feel free to express themselves. You're not afraid to let the conversation go off on tangents, and you think meetings should be as long as they need to be to achieve their objectives. You don't usually follow up after meetings since you believe that everyone knows what was discussed.

Tips for Meeting Planners with a Free Spirit Style

1. Create a casual, comfortable atmosphere and let participants know that there are no wrong answers or ideas.

2. Encourage open dialogue and give people time to express their thoughts without interruption or judgment.

3. Ask open-ended questions to stimulate conversation, and be open to tangents and unexpected topics.

4. Have a basic agenda that outlines objectives, but remain flexible and adjust the plan as needed.

5. Monitor energy levels during the meeting and provide breaks as needed to keep everyone engaged and focused.

6. Summarize discussion points at the end of each topic area or agenda item.

7. Create a list of tasks, decisions made, and action items to ensure the conversation doesn't get off track or veer away from its goals.

8. Conduct a post-meeting evaluation to document lessons learned and create an action plan for future meetings.

Just remember that, while there are many different styles of meeting planners, the ultimate goal should be to create an environment that allows everyone to contribute their ideas and opinions while still making progress towards a common goal. With the right planning and preparation, you can ensure that your meeting is productive and successful.
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