Your meeting style is Task Master

You believe a meeting should have a specific goal, and everyone should work together to achieve it. You're good at keeping the conversation focused and think that breakout sessions can help get more work done. You make sure to follow up with attendees after the meeting so that you can assign tasks and track progress.

Tips for Meeting Planners with a Task Master Style

1. Establish a clear agenda and timeline for the meeting to ensure that everyone is on track and the desired outcomes are met.

2. Act as a director to keep conversations purposeful, limiting tangents and encouraging follow up after-the-fact on topics that may be outside of the scope of the current conversation.

3. Make sure everyone has a chance to contribute and recognize when people are speaking over one another or dominating the conversation.

4. Understand each participant’s strengths and leverage their expertise in order to maximize productivity during the meeting.

5. Leverage visual aids to effectively communicate complex topics or ideas during the discussion.

6. Follow up after the meeting to assign action items, track progress, and hold individuals accountable for their contributions.

Just remember that, while there are many different styles of meeting planners, the ultimate goal should be to create an environment that allows everyone to contribute their ideas and opinions while still making progress towards a common goal. With the right planning and preparation, you can ensure that your meeting is productive and successful.
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